🔺Walk with God as Noah did, when the flood came,Noah was saved amidst the scorn and rejection of his neighbours.
🔺Walk with God, as Moses did in the solitude of the desert, when the hour of judgment fell upon Egypt. Moses was prepared to lead his people to Victory.
🔺Walk with God, as David did as a shepherd boy,when he was called to rule his people he was prepared for the task of kingship.
🔺Walk with God, as Daniel and his three young friends did in the palace of Babylon’s King, when the fiery furnace and the lion’s den came.GOD was beside them and delivered them.
WHY???because they had learned to trust HIM, in the light, they were prepared to follow HIM in the darkness.GOD HAS NOT PROMISED TO DELIVER US FROM STUMBLE,BUT HE HAS PROMISED TO WALK WITH US.JUST TRUST HIM.
God bless You Abundantly



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