If we want a sure source of hope that will never fade, we can only find that in Jesus. When we do that, it is like building a house on rock, the only solid rock. When the trouble comes and our hope is in Jesus, we won’t be shaken. Yes, we will still face trials, sadness, sickness and disappointment, but the difference is they will not win. Even when life becomes hard and testing, we can remind ourselves of and lean into the sure source of hope we have in Jesus and Jesus alone because of the cross. All we need to do is lift our eyes and remind ourselves of our saviour who died and rose again so that we might live.If we are trusting Him as Lord and Saviour, we can be sure of the eternal life that awaits us on the other side of this life.So where does your hope lie? Is your hope found in Christ alone?
God Bless You Abundantly


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