Realizing why God makes us wait, and what he’s doing through the waiting, is the start of trusting him in this tension between waiting and preparation for the season ahead.Then, as we wait we focus on living faithfully in the present. It’s easy to let waiting distract us or pressure us to false-start before God says, “Go,” but that’s not what we’re called to. God uses waiting to test, teach, and train us for what lies ahead. We need these periods to sanctify us. And by living faithfully in the midst of them, God will use these years to transform us. That’s how he’s always worked for his people:
▪️Abraham and Sarah waited for a son (so did Rachel and Hannah).
▪️Joseph waited for a promotion.
▪️Moses waited to lead the Israelites out of slavery.
▪️Joshua waited for the Promised Land.
▪️Ruth waited for a husband.
▪️David waited to become king.
▪️Elijah waited for rain.
▪️Job waited for suffering to end.
▪️Paul waited for release from prison.
God knows what we need, and if He wants us to wait, it’s always for our good. Our calling is simply faithfulness.And if we trust in Him, we know that he will direct our steps and point us to our next destination. He will say, “Go,” when we need to go but not before then. That is the lesson this “go-getter” is learning. I am waiting, and I am trusting, and I am changing, and ultimately I am growing more like Jesus.
God Bless you Abundantly



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