About NEWLIFE4YOU Ministries!!

By spreading the Gospel of God, we are passionate about giving a new life to the lost ones and win them as disciple believers for the Kingdom of God. The NEWLIFE4YOU Ministries work on Media Evangelization to reach people all over the globe with the Word of God. NEWLIFE4YOU is a non-profitable association that aims to take the Gospel to people, always with a missionary character and caring and also by taking care of the good of communities through projects and social works. The goal of the association is to bring the Light of Christ to the world.


Yes…It all started with God, and He laid the foundation stone for NEWLIFE4YOU Ministries on 1st March 2017. Lord has chosen two young students with the vision of Media Evangelization and Discipleship for his glorious plans through NEWLIFE4YOU Ministries. Since then, God has blessed the Spiritual Crew with more people and more activities. Through powerful Christian Programming, Humanitarian Outreaches and Onsite Events, NEWLIFE4YOU is reaching numerous people every day.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is all about spreading the Gospel of God, and our passion is to reach the lost ones with a New Life. Through Media Evangelization, we envision the transformation of people and the world towards the God. Through media, more than hundred million people are hearing from NEWLIFE4YOU every day. Our Vision is to utilize every form of technology to serve the Lord by spreading the Gospel in each and every corner of the World. We also envision a strong Spiritual Movement through Online Ministry. Along with Media Evangelization and Online Ministry Works, NEWLIFE4YOU introduces a platform for all the medical professionals to serve the needy ones, or to work with the needy organizations. We also have a goal of mobilizing the service oriented medical professionals and Disciples of Christ from anywhere to serve everywhere.

We rejoice that God is preparing and equipping us to do our part to help “Fill the earth with the knowledge of His glory” (Habakkuk 2:14).

As per the latest studies around 7 billion people are alive today, among them over 2 billion people are unaware about the word of God and they have never heard the name of Jesus Christ. Every day more than 250,000 people pass into eternity without knowing Christ. How pathetic it is. Each life is valuable and we wish to see everyone rejoicing in Christ. We envision a NEW LIFE FOR YOU. The Lord has given NEWLIFE4YOU a great vision to work on the lives with high-quality, Christ Centered, redemptive programming.