Welcome to Newlife4you Ministries !

The Need To Reach The Lost With The Gospel Has Never Been More Urgent. We Welcome The Opportunity To Share More With You About Our Passion To Win The Lost And Disciple Believers For God’s Kingdom. NEWLIFE4YOU Ministries Using Media And Evangelism To Reach The Lost With The Gospel In A Way That Has Never Been Done Before

Our God-given mission is to impact people for Christ worldwide through media. We currently broadcast in over 100 nations to hundreds of millions of people!
Our vision is to shine the Light of the Gospel to every continent, in every major language group, and through every form of technology.
We rejoice that God is preparing and equipping us to do our part to help “fill the earth with the knowledge of His glory” (Habakkuk 2:14), but consider the enormity of the task:

Approximately 6.7 billion people are alive today
More than 2 billion people have never heard the name of Jesus even once
Each day over 250,000 people pass into eternity, most without Christ Taking Back the Airwaves
The Lord has given Inspiration Ministries a vision to take back the airwaves with high-quality, Christ-centered, redemptive programming.